An Inspirational Keynote Speaker Will Motivate Your Attendees to Action

Marcia Malzahn speaking at a luncheon

Bring Your Meeting Up A Notch With An Inspirational Keynote Speaker

Motivational inspirational keynote speakers can bring your next corporate or association meeting to new heights if the inspirational keynote is delivered by a professional keynote speaker. Here are some tips for selecting your next inspirational keynote speaker.

Hire Someone With A Story

You don’t want a keynote speaker without a personal life story to tell. Whether they have been through military revolutions, natural disasters (fire, flood, hurricane or earthquake) or through a personal struggle of some sort, their story will inspire your attendees to action. Here are some examples of personal stories which are good as inspirational keynote speeches:

Hire Someone Who Is A Professional Speaker

A motivational inspirational keynote speaker should be a professional speaker with years of speaking experience to attendees of corporate or association conferences like yours. They should be a member of the National Speakers Association (NSA) and you should see the NSA logo on their website.

Hire Someone Who Inspires Your Attendees

Hiring an inspirational keynote speaker for your event will provide a “boost” in energy to your attendees, make them feel good and inspire them to higher levels in performance – no matter the industry they are in.

Set Aside An Appropriate Budget For Your Inspirational Keynote Speaker

Keynote speakers are a critical part of making your event successful. The investment in a speaker is one of the most important items in your budget and should take the highest priority. Just think – do you really remember the room, food or accommodations from the conference? You just remember how the motivational inspirational keynote speaker made you feel!

Consider Diversity In Gender or Race

Keynote speakers come from all places, have all sorts of backgrounds and can inspire your attendees with their unique view of the world. Be bold with your inspirational keynote speaker selection!


Are you searching for a motivational inspirational keynote speaker with a captivating story? Marcia Malzahn is your speaker. Combining stories from her childhood in Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic and her family’s subsequent move to the United States, she weaves them together with her real-world business experiences to inspire your attendees to bring their whole life experience – who they are – to be successful in every area of their lives.

For the past 20 years she has been inspiring CEO’s, entrepreneurs, educators, governments and leaders on how to discover their strengths, the strengths of those they lead and combine those strengths into world-class teams, increasing productivity and reducing employee stress and costs. Book Inspirational Keynote Speaker Marcia Malzahn today!