Bring YOUR Shoes – How to Lead by Maximizing Talent

Your attendees will enjoy Marcia’s Bring YOUR Shoes – How to Lead by Maximizing Talent leadership inspirational keynote – especially emerging leaders, new managers, and new supervisors.

Successful leaders surround themselves with talented individuals that complement their strengths. But as a leader, how do you find them? Complementary talent just doesn’t show up, it has to be sought out.

As an employee, Marcia encourages attendees to discover their talents and maximize them in the workplace by creating opportunities for themselves. As an employer, Marcia shares ideas on how to discover and develop your employees’ talents to maximize their potential. In this interactive keynote presentation, you will learn about Marcia’s personal journey of discovering her gifts and how she helped her employees discover their talents to become a high performing team. During the Bring YOUR Shoes inspirational keynote based on her leadership book on how to lead, Bring YOUR Shoes, Marcia teaches new leaders how to lead from a fresh perspective—by maximizing their talents and the diverse talents of those they lead.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the ways to discover and maximize your talent.
  • Learn how to discover and maximize the talent of those you lead.
  • Learn how to lead teams by maximizing all talent.

Conference organizers are encouraged to purchase discounted copies of the book Bring YOUR Shoes, for inclusion in conference swag bags.

The Bring YOUR Shoes – How to Lead by Maximizing Talent inspirational keynote can be customized for your audience for content or total running time. The full keynote is 45-55 minutes if done in person, but we can scale it to a number of different sizes including: full day workshop, two hour webinar or a 30 minute webinar to keep your online conference moving.

How can we customize this keynote for your event? Contact our conference success team now or book Marcia directly through your favorite speakers bureau.

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