Encouraging the Next Generation of Women Business Leaders

Encourage the next generation of women business leaders at your event to take their leadership role boldly and confidently into the future, with the “Encouraging the Next Generation of Women Business Leaders” inspirational keynote.

We need strong women business leaders. Marcia shares her successes and struggles as she navigated through the financial services world – not only as an immigrant but as a woman leader. In this motivational talk, Marcia shares why she’s so passionate about helping other women business leaders succeed. She encourages your attendees to take their leadership role seriously and inspires you to lead with boldness and confidence.

Learning objectives for your attendees:

  • Traits of successful women business leaders – including how to be a successful follower.
  • You will learn about motivation, responsibility, attitude, and life-long learning.
  • Life balance and success – Ten tips to help you achieve balance in your life.
  • You will learn about how your daily decisions impact your life balance.
  • How communication can help you be successful and balanced.
  • How to discover your own limits when making commitments.
  • How to establish boundaries at work and at home.
  • Keys to become a successful woman business leader.

Who Should Attend

Emerging women business leaders aspiring to grow in their careers. First time supervisors and managers. Experienced leaders wanting to help younger women start their leadership journey.

Conference organizers are encouraged to purchase discounted copies of the book Bring YOUR Shoes, for inclusion in conference swag bags.

The Encouraging the Next Generation of Women Business Leaders inspirational keynote can be customized for your audience for content or total running time. The full keynote is 45-55 minutes if done in person, but can be scaled down to 30 minutes for a live webinar to keep your online conference moving.

How can we customize this keynote for your event? Contact our conference success team now or book Marcia directly through your favorite speakers bureau.

Some of the organizations we have worked with:
Independent Community Bankers of Minnesota