Resilient. Thankful. Happy. An Inspirational Journey.

In her Resilient. Thankful. Happy. An Inspirational Journey inspirational keynote, Marcia takes your attendees on an emotional journey – sharing her experiences and major life events that shaped her into the person she is today.

Discover how an immigrant who came to America with nothing more than her values leveraged resiliency, thankfulness and happiness into a lifetime of joy.

You attendees will hear an inspirational story of overcoming adversity and tracing her life from surviving an earthquake which leveled her home city, escaping the communist revolution in her home country of Nicaragua, surviving one of the largest hurricanes to hit the Dominican Republic and then ultimately moving to the United States in the late 80’s embarking on a career in community banking. Encouraging your audience to not give up the fight and stay in the game, she shares leadership lessons learned through her life and your attendees will walk away inspired to share and maximize their life story.

The Resilient. Thankful. Happy. An Inspirational Journey. keynote speech can be customized for your audience for content or total running time. The full keynote is 45-55 minutes if done in person, but can be scaled down to 30 minutes for a live webinar to keep your online conference moving.

How can we customize this keynote for your event? Contact our conference success team or book Marcia directly through your favorite speakers bureau.

Some of the organizations we have worked with:
Independent Community Bankers of Minnesota