Complementary Talent for Leaders Workshop

Finding and using complementary talent is a critical part of today’s leadership landscape and in this Complementary Talent for Leaders workshop, your attendees will learn how to hone their skills in two critical areas: finding and nurturing complementary talent; and developing that talent into a high performing team.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the basics of complementary talent, where it came from and how it can impact your team.
  • Learn how to discover your talents and those of who you lead.
  • Learn how to lead by combining your talents and the talents of your team into a high performing team.

Packed with takeaways, examples, worksheets and real-world examples institutions of higher learning just don’t teach, this interactive workshop will be the highlight of your conference.

Conference organizers are encouraged to purchase discounted copies of Marcia’s book Bring YOUR Shoes, for inclusion in conference swag bags and/or materials for attendees of this workshop.

If you are interested in a shorter version of this talent workshop for leaders, see the Bring YOUR Shoes: Lead by Maximizing Talent Inspirational Keynote.

How can we customize this workshop for your event? Contact our conference success team now or book Marcia directly through your favorite speakers bureau.

Complementary Talent for Leaders Workshop - Marcia Malzahn
Some of the organizations we have worked with:
Independent Community Bankers of Minnesota