I write with purpose

I Write With Purpose

I Write With Purpose. I recently attended a broadcast of Live2Lead conference by John Maxwell, one of my favorite speakers and authors in the topic of leadership. He shared two things that resonated with me as an author and writer. The first one was when John asked his mentor (also an author) the question, “Why do you write?” His mentor responded, “Because I want to influence people I will never meet.” John Maxwell said, “Then, I will write.” And that’s what it took for him to start writing and he now has published more than 75 books. He is influencing the world in the subject of leadership.

When I ask myself this question, my answer is similar, “I write to inspire, educate, and influence people I will never meet.” I may never influence the world but I’m purposed to influence my world.

I started a publishing company, Malzahn Publishing, in 2015 to make it easier to publish my books. Now, as a publisher, I ask authors two key questions before starting the process of writing and publishing their books: 1) Do you have a book in you? They usually have to stop and think about it but most of them have responded, “Yes.” Then I ask the next question. 2) Who do you want to help by writing this book? I believe each book has to have a purpose and the main one should be to help others.

The second thing John Maxwell said that resonated with me was the question he asked himself every time he wrote a book: “Will my reader turn the page?” He always wants to ensure he keeps his readers engaged. That is the biggest challenge for authors and writers. So I will always ask myself that question too going forward.

I started writing twelve years ago and I will never stop. I wrote my first book, Devotions for Working Women – A Daily Inspiration to Live a Successful and Balanced Life, to help working women strive to have a successful, yet balanced life. As a full-time working mother my whole life, I was able to achieve success and some balance in my life. I want to share my experiences and tips that helped me throughout my journey with other working women.

It took me the next ten years to finish writing and to publish my second book, The Fire Within – Connect Your Gifts with Your Calling. I wrote this book to help you discover your unique gifts and talents, and to encourage you to develop and polish those gifts so you can use them to help others. As you do that, you will discover your mission, purpose, and calling—whatever term you prefer to use to answer the question, “Why am I here?

Because I like to maximize others’ gifts and because I treasure friendships, I wrote my third poetry book in collaboration with one of my sisters, Isa Tyler, who is an oil and mixed media artist. The Friendship Book – Because You Matter to Me features 50 photos of her original paintings and 50 friendship poems I wrote to honor all my friends around the world. (This poetry book is a great bridesmaid gift they all will love.)

If you write for any reason, whether it’s for work, as a hobby, or as an author, remember to ask yourself these questions: “Why do I write? Who am I helping? And, Will my reader turn the page?” Always make sure your purpose includes to help others grow in some way and to help them become a better person – so you can say: I write with purpose.